Jüt - Design & Screen-Printing


  • 1 - 4 color screen-printing
  • Printing can be done on any location of shirt or product (front, sleeve, back, etc.)
  • Minimum order amount - 12 items (any orders less than 12 items will result in a significant upcharge $$$)
  • Maximum order amount - 36 items
  • 1-2 week turnaround on all orders
  • To place orders, send your desired design and order information to emails info@jutscreenprinting.com or jut801@gmail.com .. you can also place orders by Direct Messaging Jut himself on the @jut_screen.printing Instagram page (click on the Jüt logo at top of page for link)
  • After placing an order, i will respond with a price quote for your desired order amount. 


  • Pricing will be determined by the quantity of items you buy, the quality of items you buy and the amount of colors/locations of the design


Definition: Jüt - to extend out, up and beyond LIFE

Jüt - Design & Screen-Printing is a brand/business created by Justin Rothrock. Two+ years of manual screen-printing and a strong passion for design and clothing, Jut is heavily influenced by skateboarding and west side culture. Growing up in the small town of Morrisdale in Central Pennsylvania, where there isn't much culture at all. There is always a way to pursue your passions and work towards your dreams. The definition of jut is "to extend out, over, or beyond the main body or line of something." The main message from Jüt is to always extend out, up and beyond LIFE. Face your biggest fears and continue to grow. Look at the positivity in all situations.. With every loss, a lesson is learned. The two dots above the ü represent a smile, to remind you to always be blessed and happy for the life you live.

"My main goal with Jüt - Design & Screen-Printing is to live off of my passions of design and screen-printing while inspiring everyone to also find their passion and love life doing so. I want to share my journey and creativity to spread light into people's lives. Bringing people together and helping others grow by offering my skill in screen-printing for their brand, personal or business needs."

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