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The "1-25 Collection"

Posted by Justin Rothrock on

We are happy to introduce you to our first collection. The "1-25 Collection" was dropped on January 25th, 2019. Clever huh? This collection is very special to us, as its our very first time presenting our OG idea of the BOX 125. Featuring our two original logos.. the mailbox and box logo. In this collection, we had one of a kind tie-dye t-shirts, a t-shirt (with multiple colors), a crewneck and a pullover hoodie. Our main color-ways we went with were black, heather grey, and white. Black and white are our brands main colors, showing two opposite colors coming together into one.. the message we are delivering is to come together with all different types of people, cultures and perspectives. Coming together and growing with each other to spread our ideas and interests with the world. 
check out some of the items from the collection below!


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