🌲 The Original Spot in the Woods 🌲


Posted by Justin Rothrock on

We were able to send out more messages for the second half of spring! Dropping 4 new items: Hoodie, 2 T-Shirts, and a face mask. BOXONETWOFIVE.. The Original Spot in the Woods. We wanted to spread the message of finding your “spot in the woods” . What's your happy place? Think Green.. For the second half of spring we wanted to spread a message of thinking more green.. With that, we decided to release an all white eco friendly champion hoodie and for every order we decided to plant a tree to give back to mother nature. We encourage you to respect the earth and appreciate the amazing features of our world.  We want everyone to be able to feel safe and continue to live their lives to the fullest during the pandemic, so we released a 3-layer face mask for style and comfort. SPRING 2020.. FOREVER GROWING - summer drops coming soon





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