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BOX 125 SPRING 2019

Posted by Justin Rothrock on

The BOX 125 "SPRING 2019" collection was released on February 28th, 2019.  Dropping three items, including two t-shirts and a pullover hoodie with a new design. We wanted to spread some LOVE in the month of February so we did two free giveaways with our two tees.. The red OG BOX LOGO TEE and the forest green BOX 125 CLOTHING COMPANY MAILBOX TEE. All products are personally screen-printed by us. The third item was our pullover hoodie with a new design. The design was created by a BOX 125 family member, Travis Rothrock. Our message for this collection is that here at BOX 125, we are Delivering Peace, Love & Positivity Worldwide. It means what it says, we are sending/spreading love and positivity through our products to hopefully open the minds of the close-minded and to spread a positive message around the world to people that need it most.
check out the 3 piece collection below


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