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Located along Logan Boulevard in Altoona, Pennsylvania, Mansion Park has long been a site of historical significance and the starting point for many legacies. Mansion Park hosts several locations of interest, including the historic Mansion Park Football Stadium, Mansion Park Baseball Field, the Baker Mansion History Museum, and Mansion Park Barber Shop. Baker Mansion Museum showcases the lasting legacy of one of the most important families to settle in the area - the Baker family. Their role in helping to settle what would become Mansion Park is difficult to understate. Beginning their residence in the 1830’s, their prestigious iron-making was second-to-none; allowing the Bakers to cultivate and plant their roots in the times of rapid industrialization. The museum details the Bakers’ impressive story of ambition, perseverance, and success of a single family as a means of inspiring the citizens of today that success is achievable with hard work - the true essence of the American dream. Everyday, people like you and here at BOX 125 must recognize how our society has been profoundly shaped by the powerful forces of community, nature, business, and family. People take for granted the workings of the world around us and sell themselves short of the positive impact they can create. The everyday, working-class people of Blair County, PA such as farmers, railroaders, teachers, and many others have made history and have made central Pennsylvania what it is today. As a source for inspiration and positive influence, the BOX 125 community whole-heartedly believes that together we can better ourselves as a society in an effort to chase enlightenment and positive change. Anybody can make a positive change in this world - and the hard-working barbers of Mansion Park Barber Shop are no exception. 

We are beyond stoked to be partnering up Mansion Park Barber Shop for our first collaboration of 2020. Our involvement begins with our life-long friend and Box 125 crew member, Aaron Lidgett. Having found his passion for the art of barbering in the past years, we could not be more proud of his dedication to the craft and fully support his passion and wish to see him grow. We also wish to share the incredible integrity that Mansion Park Barber Shop possesses; spreading the love and positivity to their fine establishment that it undoubtedly deserves for the experience and service it provides. 

A trip to Mansion Park Barber Shop isn’t exclusively for their outstanding quality (of which it is most definitely a high-quality cut), but for the entire experience; with customer service and atmosphere both second-to-none. The barbers and staff at Mansion Park Barber Shop are excellent at making any customer feel welcomed, comfortable, and honestly like being a part of something bigger. They are artists with outstanding passion for their craft who help their clients find the style they are looking for. The decor and style of the shop truly gives off the vibe of the barbering culture mixed with the shop’s own personalized sense of taste and style. Mansion Park Barber Shop also offers its clients opportunities to purchase high-quality products from brands including The Holy Black, Uppercut, Wild Whiskers, and Pinaud Clubman. While waiting for their appointment, clients are entertained with darts, music, TV, magazines, and even video games. Mansion Park Barber Shop rewards its clientele with such a unique experience that it is no wonder why the community continually backing the shop continues to grow by the day!  

BOX 125 is excited to share with you all appreciation for the culture of Barbering through our collaboration with Mansion Park Barber Shop. Our goal is to shine the spotlight on this local business with some of the most passionate barbers that we believe deserve nothing short of great success - not only as professional barbers, but as community members who remain humble and wish to spread positivity for generations to come. We combine our love for clothing and design with Mansion Park Barber Shop’s culture to help each other grow together. We encourage you and those around you to hold a positive perspective on different forms of art and culture while supporting the effort and creations of others.



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