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BOX 125 - SPRING 2020

Posted by Justin Rothrock on


The BOX 125 "SPRING 2020" collection was released on March 20th, 2020, first day of Spring. Dropping 8 new items, including three t-shirts, one long sleeve, a crewneck, a baseball tee, an embroidered pullover hoodie and an anorak jacket, each with a new design. Every design has a specific message that we want to send this Spring.. "Explore More, Stress Less" meaning to go out and explore the world around you.. stop stressing over little things in life and just enjoy being alive. "Spread Love..Not Hate" we want to spread more love to the people around us and worldwide. This world is full of too much hate and it doesn't need anymore of it.. BOX 125 encourages you to stop hating and judging people for the way they live their life and just be kind and loving to everyone. There is nothing wrong with showing love, lets make the world a better place together. Spring is a season of growth and we want to grow together. Be blessed for the life you live and appreciate the amazing creatures of this world. Remember to "Stay down with your roots, and branch out like a tree" meaning to always remember where you came from.. represent and be grateful for the hometown you grew up in.. it made you into the person you are today. We want you to branch out like a tree, meaning to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, share other groups/cultures ideas, and visit places you've always wanted to see. We want to incorporate athletics and outdoors in every collection, as they are a big part of our lives. BOX 125 loves being outside, exploring and playing sports with friends. We encourage you to always find time to go outside and enjoy the fresh outdoors. Be active and play your favorite sports whenever you can. Our messages are to bring value to your life's journey.. to spread peace, love, and positivity to anyone who needs it.. 

We went around our hometown Philipsburg, PA and explored some spots to showcase our Spring collection.. to help you catch the vibes we are putting out.

+ Check out the BOX 125 SPRING 2020 collection below +




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