🌲The Original Spot in the Woods🌲




The “boxonetwofive” was originally found as a place back in 2010.. A place to get away from the negative energies, the judgement & the hate. A place to live life to the fullest, share thoughts and ideas while coming together peacefully. Throughout the years, the BOX 125 was used for small parties, fires, snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX & more..

In 2019, the 125 founders, Tyler and Justin Rothrock, decided to bring the Spot in the Woods” into a reality. 

boxonetwofive is a lifestyle/clothing brand with goals of: spreading peace, love & positivity to people who are working towards their dreams and passions. Helping those in need in our community. Encouraging everyone to find their passion and true happiness in life. Coming together with like-minded people to help each other grow. BOX 125 wants everyone to find their “Spot in the Woods” and deliver messages that will bring value to their life's journey. 

Our vision is to continue growing from our roots, branch out to ALL WALKS OF LIFE and deliver the BOX 125 lifestyle. 


(SUMMER 2010)

Box 125 Icon Old Rusted Mailbox