BOX 125 is a brand that manifested its way to today’s roots of innovative underground. In 2010, Tyler Rothrock and a group of his friends explored a wooded area of land owned by his family. The property was originally owned by a family friend who had passed several years ago. Tyler and his crew came across an old rusted mailbox with the address “BOX 125” painted on the side. Ever since then, the spot was known as "The Box 125," and unknowingly, a brand was born.
In the beginning, dirt jumps and a starting ramp were built at The Box 125 for BMX and snowboarding. Then fires, parties and annual events were hosted at The Box 125Throughout the years, this became the place to have a good time and live life to the fullest.
Box 125 Icon Old Rusted Mailbox
BOX 125 is not just a clothing brand, it's a lifestyle that encourages everyone to find and pursue their true passion. Behind the underground lifestyle is a group that supports all things positive. The BOX 125 crew is about enjoying life, peacefully coming together, following your dreams, not caring about negative judgement, and doing whatever makes you happy. We are a support group, in which we continue to grow a network of people helping each other succeed. Our vision is to continue growing from our roots, branch out to ALL WALKS OF LIFE and deliver the BOX 125 lifestyle!